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Live Different Builds give volunteers from across Canada the opportunity to make a difference in the developing world as we build houses, schools, and complete other much needed projects. We partner with grassroots organizations on the ground in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Thailand, where we work with local leaders to help us ensure that our programs are effective and sustainable in our host communities.

Volunteering on a Live Different Build is about changing the world and allowing yourself to be changed in the process – so why not experience it for yourself? Meet amazing people, make life long friends, and help to create change by building hope that will transform a community.

Don’t know a thing about construction? That’s ok, we’ll teach you what you need to know! Scared to step out of your comfort zone? Don’t be! You will come to realize that life is about people, not stuff – and you will never be the same.

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My experience with live different changed my life. Working in the community alongside local people taught me so much. I learned about the power of community and love, as cliche as that sounds. I didn't expect this experience to influence me as much as it did.

EmmaStudent- Dominican Republic, 2015

There is no better feeling than experiencing the culture of the people you are working alongside of. You no longer can see poverty as a statistic but as familiar faces and names. You get your world rocked in the best of ways.

SarahStudent- Mexico, 2015

See for yourself the power of love, hope and change.

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