From opera singing to folk bands to musical theatre, performing has been a relentless passion in Alex’s life. But when she began speaking as a keynote speaker in university, Alex coupled that passion with a purpose to tackle larger, meaningful issues. It was then she discovered the true value of performance, far beyond entertainment – it can provide a platform to share vulnerable truths, and convey a universal message that impacts both audience and performer alike.

Partnering with Live Different in 2014 gave Alex the opportunity to share her story on-stage, and it felt like placing the final piece in a life-sized jigsaw puzzle. As Alex’s keynote evolved alongside her, she has fine-tuned a soaring, emotive stage performance that resonates deeply with the audience.

Alex has spent the past two years traveling across Canada, speaking to thousands of students from Vancouver Island all the way to PEI. She has seen a remarkable amount of diversity in the young people she has met, but has also recognized the common struggles that young people face, and is eager to continue helping them cultivate awareness and hope in their lives.

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Available Keynotes

Letting Go

Dealing with loss, failure, and the falsehoods of our culture

This heartfelt keynote explores the effects that growing up with an unconventional family dynamic can have on a young individual. Drawing on both personal hardships and triumphs, Alex weaves together an engaging and relatable narrative of hope. The confusing emotions that arise from losing a loved one, the fear of failing, the need to meet cultural expectations that seem near impossible – these are real pressures that young people face every single day.

The goal of this keynote is to help young people cultivate resiliency in their lives. Speaking openly about her own struggles and exposing the “perfect childhood” myth, Alex shares the transformational impact that letting go and tapping into her unapologetically imperfect self has had on her own life. By encouraging young people to shift their perspectives and focus on self-determination rather than self-criticism, Alex strives to help young people understand that they are not defined by their failure, but rather how they respond to it.

Breaking Free

Chaos, Control and Body Image

By sharing her own vulnerabilities, Alex offers an honest and hopeful account of her personal struggle with an eating disorder, and the contributing factors that led to this struggle. This keynote helps expose some of the personal expectations that young people are faced with, the cultural standards that feed into a need for control, and the drive for perfection. Alex relies on thorough research and her own personal experience to provide young people with an awareness of the artificial and unattainable standards that define our culture.

This keynote strives to equip young people with the courage to speak up about insecurities, practice self-compassion, and un-cool apathy, in order to break free.

"...I was really glad when Alex took to the stage to share her personal story. She conveyed to the audience a powerful narrative on her experiences, one that was both relatable and from the heart. It is rare to find a speaker who connects with the entire audience but Alex did exactly this! Since the show I have received nothing but positive comments and reviews from her energetic and moving personal story..."

Alain De SouzaBrantford Collegiate Institute & Vocational School

"When Alex spoke, you could hear a pin drop. Her story of losing a parent at a young age and struggling with an eating disorder as a consequence touched the hearts of our students. Her testimony was real. Her emotion and message of hope was one that students will remember for years to come. Alex inspired our students to not let life's storms create your destiny and that you have the power to change."

Kate HollowayGuidance Counsellor - W.G. Davis Senior Public School

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