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For over 17 years, Live Different has been supporting educators with motivational and character education services, effectively reaching more than 1.3 million students in over 3,000 schools nationwide.

What Makes Us Different

Most programs lecture on outward behaviors/symptoms (which research shows can be counter-productive). Our positive approach cuts through to root causes and mindsets, igniting change from within.

The true impact of our presentation comes from the power of the personal story. Young people, sharing their stories of hope, connect with students like nothing else can.

Our upbeat, high energy, concert-style presentation keeps students fully engaged and tuned-in to a message that will change their life.

Our messaging will spark meaningful discussions across your student body, inspiring students who need help to reach out.

After experiencing a Live Different presentation, 98% of educators rank it better than other presentations they have had in their schools.

We make 



with students.

What Educators Are Saying

I'm not sure how the presentation could be improved, it was absolutely amazing! I heard comments like 'That's the best presentation I have seen in my entire teaching career' from a veteran teacher, and students were raving about it for days. It was very worthwhile and inspirational.

Jo'ann ObrienSt James Regional High School

In my 17 years in education this is the best loved student assembly I have ever been to. Students were literally hugging me in thanks for bringing LIVE DIFFERENT in.

Lorna CameronE.W. Pratt High School

Finally a presentation that gets it right. The perfect mix of a meaningful message presented in a fun and entertaining way. I'm looking forward to having them back next year!

Gary WatsonTeacher Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

2017/2018 Presentation Theme

We want students to understand that they don’t need to add anything to who they are to make them valuable. By the end of the presentation, students will have a clear understanding of the intrinsic value in their lives, regardless of  appearance, wealth, fame, or achievement.

We want students to recognize the influence role models have on our lives, good or bad. By the end of the presentation, students will be more inclined to choose role models that are making a positive difference and living out a legacy of love.

Our goal is to paint a picture of what a “life of compassion” can look like and why living this way is a more compelling alternative to what our culture presents.  Ultimately, we want students walking away from the presentation with a new paradigm of “success” and “greatness”.  We’ll do this by discussing exactly why compassion truly is a solid platform on which to set goals for the future.

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FIX THE FOCUS: Choosing Empathy First

Our goal is to inspire your students to adopt a lifestyle of empathy and compassion for others. Establishing a fundamental understanding of empathy, we will practically equip them with empathic skills that they can continue to practice and develop. Cultivating empathy is one of the most significant keys to creating a compassionate, connected and resilient student body.



Our theme for 2015/2016 focuses on helping each student to embrace their life story, find hope within it, and recognize the power they have to change it’s direction. By steering students’ inner dialogue to a hope based outlook, we are addressing many of the underlying factors of mental health, bullying, and identity.

What will it cost?

Live Different is not only Canadian educators’ top choice for effective and engaging motivational services, but because of our donation based accessibility, also the most affordable. As a charity, we strive to make our  presentations and supplemental resources accessible to all schools, and thankfully, our generous donors have already covered part of the cost for you!

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