We value your trust as a parent or guardian, and go to great lengths to provide peace of mind. We are available at any time to talk with you about questions or concerns that you may have before and during the trip. Family and friends can follow along and see pictures and/or stories of what the group is doing and can also send messages through our office and/or ground staff. Our ground staff are available 24/7 with a mobile number that we provide to each volunteer/parent/guardian before each trip begins.

Experiencing a Build can:

Improve Social Connectedness

Build Empathy

Illuminate Life Purpose

Develope Identity

"There is no way to accurately put a dollar value on an experience like this."

Caring parents

"I would like to give some constructive criticism to you and your staff regarding my Live Different Build experience, but I can't. Everything was beyond what I expected it could have ever been, thank you so much to you and your staff for everything you do. You are an inspiration to all."

From a father participating with his daughter

"The Live Different staff showed themselves confident and competent in all situations. I have been very impressed with every member of the staff."

From a father participating with his two daughters and son

"My son is a different person now!"

From a caring mother

"Thanks for keeping us informed, engaged and feeling at peace while our daughter was on a Live Different Build. We are amazed at the confident young woman who has returned, and have spent hours talking about the connections and relationships she has made."

-Parent of Volunteer

As a

result of

experiencing a




of volunteers heightened or maintained a high level of self-confidence.

of volunteers developed or maintained a sense that they could make a real difference in the world

of volunteers increased or continued their commitment to be involved in volunteering and social justice causes

We have organized hundreds of international trips with over 5,000 volunteers since 2005. We also organize annual trips for WestJet, Boston Pizza, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and many other clubs, community groups, schools, and organizations.

Top Questions From Parents

Where do they stay?

All of our host locations are in gated residences or hotels that are supervised by our own staff. All of the food is carefully prepared, and medical staff are on-call for any emergencies.

How much does it cost?

Volunteers fundraise between $1,600 and $2,900, depending on location. Because these are charitable humanitarian projects, donations made towards their fundraising goal are tax receiptable.

Is it safe?

Safety is always our number one priority. All of our key staff are First Aid and CPR certified and we always have access to quality medical attention if needed. All of our staff are also properly trained and equipped for emergency situations that may arise, and all adult volunteers and staff must review and sign our Child Protection Policy.

What about flights?

In addition to the fundraising goal, we require the volunteer to take care of flights to and from the host country. WestJet partners with us to offer up to 10% off most flights for our volunteers. When you register, you’ll receive a convention code!

If you are not comfortable with your teen travelling alone internationally, please contact our office regarding chaperoned flight options.

Communication before and during the trip?

Parents/guardians will receive a copy of all correspondence as well as materials that will help you make this experience life changing for your teen. During the trip, our staff are available to respond to your email, or take your call, 24/7.

How is Live Different connected to the host community?

We have long-term partnerships with each community we work with. Built on strong relationships of respect, dignity, and humility, these partnerships ensure a sustainable impact. To learn more about our Development Model

Click Here

Do you have more questions?

Visit our FAQ page to find more answers.


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