Devina Lookman

Manager of School and Community Programs

Devina first came to LiveDifferent as a high school Builds Volunteer and has since been in roles including Builds Intern, Road Team Volunteer, and Leadership Coach prior to serving as the Manager of School and Community Programs. She supports the Road Teams while organizing and executing our programming based in schools and communities.

What do you love about what you do?

Holding space for young people to build meaningful connections with one another excites me, and to see them impact their local and wider communities fills my heart with joy! I love that I get to do so by championing our road teams, and also by working directly with youth through our various programming.

What would an ideal free day look like for you?

I’d start by waking up slowly and taking my time to get ready for Kirk Franklin’s Tiny Desk Home Concert on YouTube. Then walk over to a coffee shop to journal while sipping on my americano misto with oat milk. I’d probably spend the afternoon at the pottery studio and take it easy in the evening before going to bed early. Or, I’d throw all that out the window and go for a day trip to Algonquin Park.

It’s karaoke night and you have no choice but to perform. What song would you choose and why?

I would drag someone up there with me to duet Breaking Free from High School Musical. No explanation needed, I think…