“Stand against the grain and get a purpose and cause in your heart and say ‘What can my life do?’ “

– Benjamin Cole Brown

The day that shook us all…

After the tragedy in Haiti with Hurricane Matthew, Benjamin partnered with two other local aid workers, Chuck and Candy Ritzen, and loaded up their private plane with relief supplies to bring to the affected areas.  On their return flight from Haiti back to the Dominican Republic, the plane, piloted by Chuck, hit an unexpected electrical storm and lost contact with the Puerto Plata airport sometime after 7pm on Monday, October 17th 2016.  Pieces of the plane’s fuselage and cabin were recovered the following day. Extensive search and rescue efforts were put together by the Dominican Military, local Charities, businesses and community members, but none of the passengers have been found.  Out of this profound loss we look forward with hope as Benjamin’s vision is passed on to the generation that he believed could change the world.

Benjamin Cole Brown lived his life in service of others.   It was his deepest conviction that each individual has endless potential to make a difference. He was a Haitian at heart and had a driving passion to defend the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

An Incredible Legacy.


homes built for families in the Dominican Republic


students now receiving an education in Calvaire, Haiti


volunteers forever impacted by his leadership

Knowing Benjamin’s heart, he wouldn’t want for the attention to be on him but instead his quest to have the world realize it’s potential.  In a quote that sums up Benjamin’s journey in life, Nelson Mandela once said “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that generation.”

“The night is long but our dreams are longer.”

Cole's work in Haiti

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