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Joshua Dueck


Our Students Share Their Dreams for the Future

What did you dream about when you were little? In one of the lessons at Ecole L’Union, we asked 25 students the question, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” You can…
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Partner Spotlight

Gloria and Henry: Success Means Giving Back

It is rare to come in contact with individuals that have as strong and as clear a sense of purpose as the Friesen’s do. Within a few minutes of meeting Henry, you’ll know what his…
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BuildsDominican Republic

The Man with the Blue Hat

He didn’t always work with us as a contractor, his daughter didn’t always have a safe home to live in, and his hat wasn’t always blue. It all started in December of 1996 when Nicolas…
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Professional Development for the Teachers at Ecole L’Union

Where you would be without a basic education? It’s probably safe to say that without it, each day you face might be filled with a little bit more of adversity. We believe that education can…
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BuildsDominican RepublicVolunteer Posting

Fierce on the Worksite and on Camera — Q&A with Natalia

Natalia and her school worked really hard, making a big difference in the lives of a special community in the Dominican Republic. Coming down with her school, the group knew that they were going to be…
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Get on the Bus

When you have supportive friends who want to help make trips to Mexico more accessible for larger groups by hooking you up with a sweet charter bus… being floored with gratitude is probably a normal…
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Julia and Diana Owned the Worksite

Julia owned it on the worksite, and now Diana's family owns a home. Being a mother in unsafe living conditions is hard. As a mother of two children, one of Diana’s biggest fears was looking up…
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BuildsDominican Republic

Hope is Spreading Through the Island, in Memory of Eileen Jackson

In March of 2018, two families received safe, dry homes in the Dominican Republic and over 300 children were able to enjoy nutritious meals at our school in Haiti. It was all thanks to our…
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