Truth and Reconciliation

Learning, Listening, and Amplifying Indigenous Voices

The discovery of the 215 children who were never able to return to their families after being forced to attend the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, is heartbreaking. We know that their deaths…
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BuildsDominican Republic

Welcoming the Garcia Vasquez Family Home, From a Distance

Families receiving a fresh start is something that we always cherish, but when we heard that the Garcia Vasquez family was selected by the community to receive a house in 2020, we knew that it…
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From Reaching Youth to Being Back with Her Seniors – Q & A with Helena

She left her job to become a Road Team Intern and reach youth across the country. Now, with the semester being cut short as a result of the coronavirus, Helena finds herself back alongside some…
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Take Care of Yourself

Watching so many people take self-isolation and physical distancing seriously has been awesome. But just because we’re all in for the greater good doesn’t make this whole thing any easier. Do you know what is…
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Our Hope for Tomorrow

It's in our nature to be hopeful Over the past couple of weeks, we really thought that the tide could turn. Internationally, the countries we work in had yet to see any cases, so we…
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BuildsDominican Republic

She Went With Friends, Then Experienced a Build Solo – Q & A with Emily

From going with a group of friends to travelling on her own and meeting a bunch of new ones, Emily shares a few thoughts from her two Builds. Her first Build was alongside familiar faces as…
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Changed in the Baja — Tyler’s experience in Mexico

From Builds with his family when he was younger to spending 13 weeks in our Academy program, Tyler shares how he was changed by his time in Mexico. Living in a first-world country and being…
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10 Years of Friendship — Q&A with Bianca and Sarah

When you volunteer, the world becomes a better place and amazing friendships happen along the way. As strangers who ended up in the same group, Bianca and Sarah have become lifelong friends. They bonded over…
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Our Students Share Their Dreams for the Future

What did you dream about when you were little? In one of the lessons at Ecole L’Union, we asked 25 students the question, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” You can…
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Partner Spotlight

Gloria and Henry: Success Means Giving Back

It is rare to come in contact with individuals that have as strong and as clear a sense of purpose as the Friesen’s do. Within a few minutes of meeting Henry, you’ll know what his…
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