Create connections in your classroom.

This session is designed to cultivate trust and increase authenticity in the classroom. Building real relationships is key to youth well-being and this will act as a starting point for more quality connections with your students.

Quick Start

This option is perfect for getting a Circle up and running right away. Simply organize your students into groups of 4-8 and then play the video while pausing it at each discussion prompt.

VideoLesson Plan
Password: Authenticity_exp2022

Maximum Impact

A little extra effort can go a long way in helping build strong relationships in the classroom. Nominate and empower student helpers to facilitate discussion circles and watch the connections grow.

Here’s your roadmap to making it happen.


Share these resources with your student helpers so they feel equipped.

Discussion Host GuideDiscussion Host Training Video


This is what you need for running the session.

VideoLesson Plan
Password: Authenticity_exp2022


To reinforce the shared experience and learning, consider assigning activities from our follow-up resource. And if you want to take it one step further you can assign challenges from our LiveDifferent App.

Follow Up ResourceDownload App

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