Garage/Yard Sale

Weeks Before the Sale

  1. Find items to sell
  • Go through your house and locate anything you no longer want or need
  • Ask friends or family if they have anything they want to donate to your sale. Many people have unused items in their home that they would be happy to donate to you.
  1. Advertise
  • Put up posters around your neighbourhood. Click here to download a poster you can use!
  • Place an ad in the newspaper, or post about it on Facebook
  • Make sure to highlight that all proceeds from this yard sale will go towards a charity. This will encourage people to come to the sale!

Prepare for the Sale

Gather the supplies you’ll need on the day of the sale.

  • Tables and shelves to display your items
  • Markers, scissors, masking tape
  • Extra cash (loonies, toonies, $5 bills, $10 bills) to make change for your buyers
  • Recruit helpers for the day. Ask friends from school, family, or even neighbours if they will donate some of their time.

Price Each Item

  • Decide on the price of each item, and use tape or labels to make the price known
  • Again, remember to remind people that this yard sale is for charity and that the goal is not to make money, but to fundraise as much as you can for a good cause!

Set Up Your Sale

  • Organize items into categories and display items on shelves or tables
  • You can even serve pop or lemonade to make it an inviting and fun atmosphere

Have fun raising money!