Host a fundraising dinner

People love to eat, and hosting a dinner gives you the chance to feed them delicious food, but also to tell them more about your Build!

  1. Choose what type of dinner you want to host. Inexpensive ideas are spaghetti dinners, taco nights, pancake breakfasts, or even an ice cream sundae bar! Sell tickets in advance, and at the door.
  1. Choose a venue and pick a date. Where will you host your dinner? You can host it in your school cafeteria, at your church, or at a community hall. Remind these venues that you want to use the space for a charity event and they may be able to donate the space to you for free!
  1. Advertise and Sell Tickets
  • Print tickets
  • Create and print posters
  • Put posters up in your school and around your community
  • Share your event on Facebook and send emails to friends and family
  • Make sure you have an RSVP list so you know how many people will be attending
  1. Recruit helpers! Find friends and family who are willing to donate their time for your event. You will need people to collect and sell tickets at the door, to help cook, to serve, and to help with clean-up.
  1. Gather your food and supplies. If your venue doesn’t already have them, find tables and chairs. For groceries, ssk local tores if they will donate food items to you. Or ask family, friends and local businesses if they would be willing to donate grocery store gift cards to you for this event!

6. Have fun hosting your dinner! Remember, the goal is to raise money, but also to spread awareness of your Build. Share information about what you will be doing, where you will be going and how others can help support you!