Organizing a raffle fundraiser has the potential to raise a lot of funds and help you reach your goal!

  1. Check your local governments licences laws related to raffling. You will want to make sure that you can legally hold a raffle in your city.
  1. Find prizes and items for your raffle. Your best option is to ask local businesses to donate prizes. Go to your local shopping mall, or ask friends/family if any of their places of employments would like to donate. Tip: Gift certificates at popular stores make great prizes.
  1. Print and sell tickets. You can sell tickets door to door, online, at storefronts, in your local newspaper, at your school, or at your parent’s place of employment.
  1. Pick a time and place to hold the draw. You may want to plan a time/place when everyone who has bought a ticket can gather together for the drawing of the tickets, or you can record it and send the video to all who bought tickets.