Exceptional programming, designed for Indigenous communities.

Love Legacy Tour: 2017/2018
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Positive Approach

Lectures don’t work. We cut through to the root causes and mindsets, igniting change from within.

Personal Stories

Young people, sharing their stories of hope, connect with students like nothing else can.

Engaging Performances

Our upbeat, high energy, concert-style presentations keep students fully engaged.

Culturally Relevant

Our programs help to spark creative solutions within the community to foster enriching relationships.

Two days of inspiration and growth.

In 17 years, we have reached more than 1.3 million students from over 3,000 schools across the country—and in 2017, we designed a program that focused on the needs of Indigenous communities. This program is designed to empower Indigenous youth and has proven to be impactful.

Our two-day community visit includes:

  • Motivational Assembly
  • Sharing Circle
  • Youth Empowerment Workshop
  • Community Concert

In partnership with:

Angels of Compassion

We surveyed Indigenous students from the 14 communities we visited on our ice-road tour and the results speak for themselves.

Felt more hopeful about the future.
Felt more connected to their culture.
Were inspired by the presentation.
Would like us to return.

Are you an Indigenous young adult who’s ready to make a difference?

Take the next step in becoming a leader and difference maker by joining us as a Tour Intern. You’ll help us impact Indigenous communities across Canada by sharing your story.

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Our theme for 2016/2017 is
Love Legacy: Re-Imagining Greatness.

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