Are you an experienced (4+ years) driver that is also mechanically inclined? Does the prospect of touring with an amazing group of individuals all over the country, empowering thousands of students with a sense of purpose, get you excited?

Well, perhaps joining Live Different’s presentation program as the primary driver for our Northern/Indigenous tour is right for you!

Live Different’s presentation program provides schools across Canada with motivational assemblies and supplemental resources that have a lasting impact on the lives of many young people each year. Communicating our positive messages from a platform of high energy (live music, personal stories, videos, etc) and relevance to what students are dealing with in life, Live Different supports 300+ schools from September to May, reaching over 100,000 students annually!

Our Road Team 3, that tours to Indigenous communities, spends extra time (usually 2 days total) in each community doing additional workshops, concerts and programming.

We are looking for someone with 4+ years of driving experience, with some experience and skills in vehicle repair, maintenance and troubleshooting, and who ultimately align with Live Different’s goal of inspiring students with a sense of value, hope, and purpose.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime:

This well-established program provides the opportunity to work with a team of 6-9 interns and musicians, to positively impact the lives of thousands of students each year, and tour the country, creating life-long relationships with other like-minded world changers. Live Different’s presentation program is all about developing young leaders, reaching thousands of young people who really need a positive message, and having a great time as we grow together.  Pretty cool, right?

Core Responsibilities

  • Primary driver (there are other drivers that help drive)
  • Ensuring safe operation and maintenance of tour vehicle (Mercedes Sprinter with an enclosed trailer)
  • Conduct daily and weekly pre-trip inspections
  • Coordinating vehicle repairs
  • Repairing vehicle or trailer when mechanic shops are not accessible.
  • Full team member, that helps with any/all aspects of the presentation and programming in schools
  • Assisting the Road Team Leader with presentation, team dynamics, troubleshooting, etc while on tour
  • Potential speaking or other role(s) within presentation

Position Details and Requirements

  • Volunteer position
  • $1250/month stipend provided
  • Full-time travel is involved (Tours run Jan to May, and Sept to Dec)
  • Costs (food/accommodations) are covered while touring.
  • Must have valid driver’s license, with over 4 years of driving experience.
  • Familiarity and a solid level of experience/skill with mechanical repair, maintenance and troubleshooting is required (ie. you don’t have to be a “professional” mechanic, but need to be able to problem solve)
  • Bus or heavy truck license is preferred, but not required
  • Must have positive/fun/professional/persevering attitude

We are hiring as soon as possible, so don’t delay!

Please submit a resume and cover letter with your application.


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