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Do friends consider you a positive, organized “go-getter”? Are you passionate about youth knowing just how important they are? Does the prospect of leading an amazing group of individuals all over the country, empowering thousands of students with a sense of purpose, get you excited?

Well, perhaps joining Live Different’s presentation program as a Road Team Leader is right for you! We have an opening for our Indigenous school road teams.

Live Different’s presentation program provides schools across Canada with motivational assemblies and supplemental resources that have a lasting impact on the lives of many young people each year. Communicating our positive messages from a platform of high energy (live music, personal stories, videos, etc) and relevance to what students are dealing with in life, Live Different supports 300+ schools from September to May, reaching over 100,000 students annually!

Our Indigenous road team spends extra time (usually 2 days total) in each community doing additional workshops, concerts and programming.

We’re looking for discerning leaders who are responsible, organized, fun, take initiative, can troubleshoot on the fly, are excited to invest in other young leaders, and who ultimately align with Live Different’s goal of inspiring students with a sense of value, hope, and purpose.

To get a better idea of what the presentation looks like, please review our behind the scenes video here::

The Opportunity of a Lifetime:

This well-established program provides leaders (usually in their 20’s) the opportunity to mentor a team of 4-5 interns and musicians, to positively impact the lives of thousands of students each year, and tour the country, creating life-long relationships with other like-minded world changers. A Road Team Leader’s responsibilities are varied and include many of the program’s day-to-day operations for their specific team. Things such as the team’s interaction with schools each day, maintaining presentation quality throughout the tour, looking after the team’s gear and touring vehicle, and a number of other pieces to the puzzle, not the least of which being the overall health and wellbeing of their team members.  Live Different’s presentation program is all about developing young leaders, reaching thousands of young people who really need a positive message, and having a great time as we grow together.  Pretty cool, right?

Core Responsibilities

  • Overall team management and mentoring of team’s young leaders and musicians
  • Key role in team presentation training/coaching
  • Presentation general oversight, troubleshooting, etc while on tour
  • Potential speaking or other key role(s) within presentation
  • Responsible for each school’s overall experience, from team arrival to departure
  • Organizing necessary billeting scenarios for tour
  • Knowledge and maintenance of team’s gear and vehicle
  • Regular communication with Manager of Road Teams and Manager of School Partnerships
  • Proper handling of cheques/receipts/documents/etc

Position Details

  • Full-time/Permanent position (Responsibilities exist 24/7 while “on tour”.)
  • Preferable 2-year commitment
  • Salary range: ($31,500  to  $37,500)
  • Note that costs (food/accommodations) are covered while touring (6+ months of the year), so employees in this position can make/save a fair bit of money, additionally there is often the possibility for very affordable accommodation in Hamilton while not touring.
  • Working from Live Different office in Hamilton, Ontario when not “on tour”
  • Must have valid driver’s license and be willing to learn how to drive a van or moving-truck sized vehicle
  • Must have positive/fun/professional/persevering attitude
  • Knowledge of basic sound/display production is a bonus
  • Basic understanding of vehicles/mechanics is a bonus
  • Enjoying sushi and/or Thai food isn’t a requirement… but it kind of is really.

We will be reviewing applications as they come in and the position will officially close on Deceber 11th, 2019 at 12:00pm.

Please submit a resume and cover letter with your application.


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