Perry Mason retired from the Hamilton Police Service in 2013, after completing 34 years of policing. For 10 of those years, he worked as a School Resource Officer and developed extensive experience with bullying-related issues. Perry has an extremely unique and innovative perspective to bullying as it relates to Restorative Justice issues, which arises from both personal and professional experience. Before retiring, Perry sat on several Restorative Justice committees and has successfully developed what he learned into an Alternative Dispute Resolution program. Perry utilizes this process for direct intervention into serious and persistent bullying problems that are often unsolvable by other methods. These interventions have been conducted hundreds of times with both students and adults with very low rates of recidivism.

Perry has appeared in many local and national media outlets regarding youth justice, bullying, and Restorative Justice. He has also spoken at provincial and national conferences, and given hundreds of talks and workshops to both students and educators on these and other issues related to mental health and anxiety in the classroom.

Perry has won Provincial and National Awards for his work with Bullying and Restorative Practices. He is a committee member of the Hamilton Coalition for the Prevention of Bullying, a member of the Board of Governors for Alternatives for Youth, Hamilton, and also has sat on advisory committees to the Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

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Available Keynotes

Feature Keynote: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health in the Classroom

Increasing numbers of students are experiencing significant anxiety and/or mental health issues that often manifest as challenging classroom behaviour. Traditional behaviour management techniques have limited effectiveness, often addressing the symptoms of various problems but never revealing the underlying cause. In this session, will learn simple strategies to enhance behaviour management, and identify the root causes of anxiety and other mental health issues so they can more effectively deal with repeated problems and create a more rewarding experience for both student and teacher. Effectively managing mental health issues reduces repeated disciplinary visits to school administrators. This presentation is geared toward the professional development of educators of all levels, providing them an enhanced ability to deal with students who tend to present the greatest challenges.

Perry has additional keynotes and workshops listed below that you can also choose from for your event.

His keynotes are usually a minimum of 90 minutes long, and he is willing to work within your desired time-frame. He specializes in sessions for adults and educators, but is also able to adapt his content for younger audiences.

1. Social Media and Bullying

Unfortunately, bullying has always been a problem within our social fabric. Now, social media has altered and amplified the bullying dynamic and, as such, has raised the stakes for victims. In this session, participants will learn about the ever present and growing problem of bullying in general, and develop a deeper understanding of how it takes place via social media. Participants will learn innovative strategies to address bullying and its related problems. These strategies will include Restorative Justice practices and principles. A strong focus of the seminar is directed toward bystanders and their level of responsibility to victims. Serving as a starting point to change the culture in a school or business setting to mutual caring and support, this presentation can be geared to all ages from kindergarten through to parents, educators and other communities. Concepts learned can reduce incidents of bullying and increase effectiveness of intervention strategies.

2. Restorative Justice

This workshop will introduce participants to Restorative Justice techniques that are modelled after Aboriginal Healing Circles. These circles have been used by Aboriginal cultures on all continents for thousands of years. Restorative Justice circles have been used in Canadian courts to address serious criminal matters. Additionally, schools have used them to address difficult behaviour problems, bullying, and persistent truancy issues. Other schools and organizations have utilized these principles to develop a sense of community and have found a significant reduction in disruptive behaviour. The Restorative Justice approach enhances interpersonal skills and develops empathy. Bringing together the offender, the victim, their respective support people, various stakeholders, and community members, the model holds the offender accountable for their actions in meaningful and direct ways. Addressing the needs of the victim, the harmer, and the community as a whole, Restorative Justice circles lower recidivism and help heal communities whether they be in the school, home, or business setting.

  • Restorative Justice Healing Circles – Bullying Intervention

    In this workshop option, Perry has adapted the above Aboriginal Healing Circle practices and principles into a practical, holistic approach. This creates a mediation/conflict resolution process that effectively resolves difficult and emotionally charged bullying situations that have traditionally been problematic and politically charged. Historically, these situations are simply investigated and consequences are meted out to the offender. Perry’s innovative process goes beyond simple consequences and involves all stakeholders, including bystanders, parents, and administrators to solve the problem at its root, resulting in healing that produces a more vibrant, healthy, school community. Perry has successfully completed hundreds of healing circles over the past 12 years, both as a school officer and as private consultant. He is available to attend your school, program, or workplace location and successfully resolve your most frustrating and challenging issues.

What has stood out for me the most about Constable Mason is his ability to relate well to youth and their families, frontline service providers, and the academic community. Constable Mason is devoted to reducing bullying and restorative justice in a way that I have yet to see from any other police officer. Perhaps he "gets it" because he has seen firsthand the devastating toll bullying takes (his daughter was severely bullied as a child). I suspect it also has to do with the fact that Constable Mason is conscientious, caring, intelligent, and interpersonally skilled.

Tracy Vaillancourt Canada Research Chair, Children's Mental Health and Violence Prevention and Associate Professor Faculty of Education and School of Psychology, University of Ottawa

I attended the training last night on Restorative Justice. Wow, simply wow !! Perry’s presentation was fantastic and I truly admired his passion for the topic. I honestly found the information life changing and I am already thinking about how I will incorporate this concept into both my family and my professional life. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

Lynn McKayRestorative Justice Circle Participant

Perry's Restorative Justice Circle was a lifetime highlight for me. I gained an immense understanding of our team and where they're coming from, and how to relate to one another when we work together. It was the single most influential team building experience I've ever gone through."

Derek BoyceWorkplace Restorative Justice Circle Participant

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