What will I being doing on a Live Different Build?

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Everyday is an adventure! Here is what you can expect: to take part in a building project, in the Dominican Republic and Mexico you will build a home for a family, in Haiti you will help build onto a school, or in Thailand, helping out with a children’s home, in addition to other community projects we take on.

Many time when we go into a community we begin to see other needs as well, and it’s pretty cool to make some last-minute changes in the schedule in order to help where we can. These diversions usually end up being the highlight of the week for most volunteers!

Not only will you get to build some sort of structure, you will also get to build friendships and memories with everyone you meet along the way! A typical evening after a build day may include: a debrief session to chat about the day and what everyone experienced, some sort of activity, maybe a run to the local cafe, and so on. Each build is different, but we do our best to have activities available to those who are interested!

For those of you who cope best with a structured, up-to-the minute planned schedule, get ready to have your world stretched just a little bit! Working in a different culture is an adventure in itself. Things don’t always go as planned, so be prepared for some last minute changes, delays, weather complications and so on. There’s no need to worry though, our ground staff are great at working through these challenges, some may say they even look forward to them!