Our Team

Charles Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Karen Shaver

Chief Operating Officer

Alison Willis

Director of Program Engagement

Ryan Wood

Director of Research and Evaluation

Ashley Smart

Director of Operations

Derek Boyce

Director of Finance

Jon Plett

Director of Resource Development

Jenn Horrocks

Director of Program and Team Development

Brett Dyrland

Director of International Operations

Johnny Henderson

Director of Canadian Programs

Dave Hamilton

Manager of School Partnerships

Mary Anne Roy

Manager of Indigenous Programs

Jonathan Peters

Manager of Road Teams

Melanie Barahona

Manager of Operations, Dominican Republic/Haiti

Heather Gingras

Manager of Programs, Haiti

Joshua Dueck

Communications Coordinator

Justin Aitcheson

Graphic Designer

Luke Brown

Road Team Leader

Peter Gibson

Road Team Leader

Brittany Gillespie

Road Team Co-Leader

Jake Bakalar

Road Team Co-Leader

Joy Dehm

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Diane Ciarallo-Peters

Finance & Admin Assistant

Frantzo Begin

Country Host, Dominican Republic/Haiti

Rose Friesen

Academy Program Assistant

Tony Delva

Program Assistant, Haiti

Board of Directors


Kerry Brandt

Chairman of the Board

Devin Hollis

Board of Directors

Brad Mason

Board of Directors

Renée McGurry

Board of Directors

Kim McIntyre-Leighton

Board of Directors

Sheila North

Board of Directors