Stacey Black

Administrator of Build Experience, Dominican Republic
Stacey first connected with Live Different while she was working for WestJet and went on a Group Build to the Dominican Republic in 2013. Safe to say she was hooked and ended up hosting a bunch of private Builds for friends and fellow employees. In 2017, she fearlessly quit her job and moved down to the Dominican Republic and ended up volunteering with us for 15 months. Now, she’s part of our full-time staff and spends her time organizing on the ground and connecting with volunteers when they arrive. Born in Humbolt, SK and having spent a large chunk of her life in Airdrie, AB, Stacey has spent a large chunk of her life in Canada but now calls the Dominican home. And when she’s not hosting our fabulous volunteers, you’ll find her relaxing, watching Netflix with spotty internet, and attending local baseball games.

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