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We believe that by creating content that challenges and inspires we will positively influence students at critical moments in their development. Our goals is to help you engage purposeful conversations with your students regarding important ideas. Live Different desires to be an influential, relevant voice in the lives of students, teachers and parents by providing them with the resources to explore positive personal growth.

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Live Different Moment – Can you change your brain?

Are your skills and talents simply a result of genetic inheritance, or something that can change and grow with time and effort?

Johnny explores the concept of neuroplasticity and each of us has to change our brain.

Mar 2nd, 2016

Live Different Moment – Where do I fit?

Every successful team, group or even society is comprised of different people each fulfilling their distinct roles. But what happens when you don’t know your role and you find yourself asking where do I fit?

Jan 7th, 2016

Can getting more stuff ever make you happy?

Can getting more stuff ever make you happy? Advertising and consumer culture subtly suggests that happiness can be bought but research shows it is not as simple as that. Johnny dives into this topic and explores the big ideas that influence happiness and fulfillment.

Dec 15th, 2015

I feel inspired, now what?

Have you seen one of our presentations or returned home from a Build Trip and thought… now what do I do? Johnny is here to help you you take that inspiration and put it into action!

Nov 4th, 2015

You are Unique!

Has anyone ever told you that you’re unique? Did it sound like it was a good thing, or a bad thing? Johnny from Live Different wants to challenge you to think about the ways that your uniqueness matters.

Oct 3rd, 2015

What kind of person are you?

Are you a Debbie Downer or a Sunshine and Rainbows kind of person? Or maybe somewhere in between?
Johnny explains why the sort of person you are, and the way you view the world, makes a big difference to how you act and how you live.

Sep 1st, 2015

Ask yourself this question on graduation day?

It’s that time of year when many of those who are graduating stop and asks themselves: “What do I want to do with my life?” For many of us, we think this depends on what school we’re going to go to, and what job we’re going to have.

Aug 6th, 2015