The relationship between the Mason family and LiveDifferent goes back to 2012 when a group of families and friends from Winnipeg came on a Build to the Dominican Republic. Many of the volunteers who participated also took a day trip to Haiti to see some of the ongoing projects. Since that first initial trip in 2012, the Mason Family (ServcoCanada), have been and still are huge contributors to the school project in Haiti.

In May 2015, tragically, Samantha Mason ended her life. This reality took everyone’s breath away. Walking through her loss was and is nearly impossible. However, Samantha’s memory will live on.  

In fact, through the efforts of Brad and Judy-Lynn Mason and ServcoCanada, The Samantha Mason Foundation was birthed and a partnership with LiveDifferent was formed. We are all committed to working together to ensure that Samantha’s caring and loving character is celebrated, and it is in this spirit that we reach out to other vulnerable youth who struggle as she did. LiveDifferent is honoured to partner with The Samantha Mason Foundation, to use Samantha’s experience as a platform for reaching out to others who need help.

The Samantha Mason Foundation contributes to LiveDifferent’s Canadian Youth Fund which inspires hope and purpose to youth all across Canada. The Mason Family, ServcoCanada, and the Samantha Mason Foundation have been a driving force in helping LiveDifferent put together a team that focuses on reaching youth in Indigenous communities.

See how the partnership between LiveDifferent and the Samantha Mason Foundation and ServcoCanada began.