Prominent Homes is a family business from Norfolk County, Ontario, owned by Brian and Debra Bunting. Prominent Homes first partnered with Live Different in 2006 and has been a significant financial supporter over the years. Not only have Brian, Debra, and their family participated personally on Live Different Builds, they have also contributed in many ways to our program development and staff support and care.

Prominent Homes is known around the Norfolk County area for their quality built homes. What most people don’t know is that for every house they sell, they donate a significant percentage of their profit to help other’s in need. Through their generosity, Live Different has been able to continue to do what we do in Canada and internationally.

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Being homebuilders here in Canada, we believe that every family has the right to enjoy a safe, dry, welcoming place to call home, no matter where they live. We love Live Different and the hearts of their volunteers. We believe in them and all they set out to do. It is wonderful how they make us a part of their team!

Brian & Debra BuntingOwners, Prominent Homes