WestJet – The official airline of LiveDifferent

Since 2008, WestJet has supported LiveDifferent with the gift of flight. Assisting with our domestic and international program delivery and business travel, WestJet’s contribution saves us in excess of $250,000 annually.

In 2012, WestJet furthered our partnership with the inaugural WestJet LiveDifferent Build – their first international community investment initiative. To extend their caring culture and make a difference in one of their most popular Caribbean destinations, WestJet partners with LiveDifferent to build new homes with families living in extreme poverty in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Since their inaugural trip in April 2012, more than 500 WestJetters have volunteered on seven LiveDifferent Builds and have built 53 plus homes with deserving families. They have also made some significant enhancements to the local community including …

  • buying land and playground equipment for a new children’s club (and later providing maintenance for this equipment);
  • buying equipment for a local medical clinic and underwriting the salary of a doctor to be at the clinic three days a week for one year;
  • refurbishing basketball courts for local youth;
  • improving roadways and infrastructure;
  • assisting with funding for hurricane relief;
  • building an ocean breaker wall;
  • cleaning and assisting at the local dump (and later building a waste management centre); and
  • supporting house renovations and other humanitarian items

As the official airline partner of LiveDifferent, WestJet offers LiveDifferent Builds and Academy volunteers a discount on their air travel when booking flights for their LiveDifferent trips.

At WestJet, part of our mission is to enrich the lives of everyone in the WestJet world and clearly Live Different shares that same value. We are very proud to be able to partner with Live Different to enrich the lives of the people who live in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Jenifer BadryTeam Lead, Community Investment, WestJet


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