Annabel and Alfonso have two young children, and one more on the way! Annabel stays home with the children, and Alfonso has worked as a motorbike taxi driver, but does not have a motorbike right now. The couple and children used to live with Annabel’s mother, but have been renting a home in another town for the last 6 months. The home they’re renting is right beside a river and they have experienced flooding and lots of mosquitos. Their family is excited to move to the community of Arroyo Seco, where their house will be built, so they can go to the school and church and have a safe home for the children. Annabel dreams that her children will be able to be well educated, and become professionals one day so they can live a good life.



Live Different chooses to employ and work alongside local labourers and tradespeople in communities where we have established connections and relationships. No family is ever simply a “project” for us, and each family is chosen and approved through a process with local community workers. Each home is one that will be built with love, hope, and dignity – together.

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