Daniela is a housewife whose husband, Ambiorix, works in the military receiving one of the lowest salaries in the country.
They have lived in their current house since they first got married, 11 years ago and Daniela was just 14 years old at the time.

Daniela and Ambiorix have one son, Adrian, they dream of having more children someday but feel it is unsafe to bring more children into their current living situation. The family regularly deals with the challenges of rats, termites and flooding leaving a steady stream of clean up for Daniela to tackle each day. All that, accompanied by unstable walls and a weak structure has left the family concerned about safety and security.

Another added worry to Daniela’s already difficult day to day life is her nephew. He is 5 years old and is suffering from Leukemia. Daniela is overcome with emotion as she shares with us that any extra time she doesn’t have to spend tending to her home, allows her to support her sister in caring for him. After experiencing a terrible scare with their nephews health one year ago, Ambiorix developed high blood pressure and recognizes a new home would not only offer greater stability for them as a family but it would also reduce his stress levels, improving his overall health.

Upon learning that they will be receiving a new home, Daniela’s face lights up and she immediately expressed how wonderful it will be to have her very own clean bathroom in her very own clean home, one that she can share with her neighbours who, at this time, are all sharing a single bathroom.



Thanks to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for making this possible!

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