Basic nutrition is something that we often take for granted, yet we recognize it’s importance for young minds. For the community of Calvaire, where poverty and malnutrition is an ever present issue, this is even more important.

Thanks to a generous donation from DMS Industrial Constructors Inc and The Samantha Mason Foundation, construction on a kitchen for Ecole L’Union began in 2015 and the first meal from the new kitchen was served on February 23rd, 2017.

Angels of Compassion
This project was funded fully by DMSĀ and The Samantha Mason Foundation

On February 23rd, the first meal was served out of the kitchen. It was an exciting day for the community and the school!

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The difference in the students on days food is served is amazing. They are more attentive and are able to focus better.

DelensePrincipal of Ecole L'Union

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