Ecole L'Union

Making a difference through education

High in the mountains above the city of Cap Haitien is a small village called Calvaire. Most of the 1000 members of the community live on $2-$3 dollars a day, and few of them have had the chance, until now, to receive any formal education. Education is a major tool in ending the cycle of poverty and we consider it a privilege to work with the families and community members of Calvaire to build a safer and stronger future together. Live Different has been working there since 2010 and together with the partnership of the community members, we have been able to build a school that is currently educating over 300 children. Come help us as we equip the people of this community with hope as they face their future!

It’s been great to see the sense of community and friendship that the teachers have with one another. All nine teachers make their way up the mountain everyday to teach the kids. They all are passionate about seeing the school become successful and strong.

Volunteers have also played a part in the construction of the school. See their perspective.

If you would like to help support our school in Haiti, take a look at our #lovelegacy page and consider becoming a monthly sponsor.

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