Heriberto and Mercedita live with their daughter, Joanna, and their grandson. They have one other son, Carlito, who has moved away. Joanna is a young mother, only 22 years old, and is currently unemployed while she takes care of her 11 month old baby boy. Herbito and Mercedita work hard to support themselves and their family. Herbito works security at an electrical plant, and Mercedita works at a hotel as a cleaner.This quiet, and humble family, have lived in this community for over 20 years, yet their house is far from a home. It has severe mold problems, and the roof leaks very badly when it rains. Heriberto and his family are thrilled to be receiving a new home, where they can watch their grandson grow in a healthy, safe environment. We’re so glad that this family will indeed be a little more comfortable.



Live Different chooses to employ and work alongside local labourers and tradespeople in communities where we have established connections and relationships. No family is ever simply a “project” for us, and each family is chosen and approved through a process with local community workers. Each home is one that will be built with love, hope, and dignity – together.

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