Leandro and Patria are married, and live with their adult daughter, Minorka, and their little girl. Leandro works as a maintenance person for a farm and Patria takes care of their pigs and chickens at their house. Minorka works at a lottery booth and has finished school. Patria was born in the community and Leandro has lived there a very long time. Patria would love to see her daughters go to university and become teachers. They have been waiting a long time for a new home and it will bring a lot of change to their lives. They are very excited to meet this group of Canadians who are coming to work with them!



Live Different chooses to employ and work alongside local labourers and tradespeople in communities where we have established connections and relationships. No family is ever simply a “project” for us, and each family is chosen and approved through a process with local community workers. Each home is one that will be built with love, hope, and dignity – together.

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