Carmen Ramona and Huta Lopez are in their early fifties. They have worked together through tough times to raise their three children Walton, Luis, and Carmen. Although they are no longer living permanently in the house they still rely on Carmen and Huta for support. Carmen and Huta are currently raising their nephew, Carlos. He is 6 years old in grade 1 and he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up. Three years ago Carmen was diagnosed with cancer, at that time she started to worry about what would happen to Carlos if she was no longer able to provide for her family. Their currently home is structurally not secure and the family often worries about their safety during high winds and rain. Carmen and Huta are thrilled to be receiving a home and have huge dreams for Carlos. They want to do whatever they can to help him reach his full potential.



Thanks to the St. Aloysius Gonzaga volunteers for making this possible.

Live Different chooses to employ and work alongside local labourers and tradespeople in communities where we have established connections and relationships. No family is ever simply a “project” for us, and each family is chosen and approved through a process with local community workers. Each home is one that will be built with love, hope, and dignity – together.

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