Sarahi is a single mother who fights every day in order to support herself and her daughter Samantha. Eight years ago they were involved a car accident in which her daughter suffered emotional trauma and Sarahy lost her ability to walk. Although her husband left her shortly after, Sarahi refused to let any of life’s hardships drag her down. She works hard selling used clothing in the local markets. She is full of dreams and hopes for the future and does not simply wait for them, she gets out there and chases them. Sarahy is determined to give her daughter a higher education and to make herself independent once more. They both are currently staying at her mother’s place and have become increasingly eager to live on their own once again. She has worked hard for the past 3 years to pay off her very own property. Sarahi wants to show others with disabilities and troubles that it is possible to get back on your feet and show the world what you are made of. When news of the home came, they both expressed a deep gratitude and are extremely happy this dream is coming true. They can’t wait to get started to meet and work together with the team who will bring them joy and smiles.



Sarahi After

Thanks to the Beaumont group for making this possible.

Live Different chooses to employ and work alongside local labourers and tradespeople in communities where we have established connections and relationships. No family is ever simply a “project” for us, and each family is chosen and approved through a process with local community workers. Each home is one that will be built with love, hope, and dignity – together.

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