You can empower a student living in a remote community from the comfort of your home.

For $40, we can give hope to a student. Support our Ice Road Tour by grabbing your virtual seat on the bus and following along to see your gift in action.
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We’ll be heading up to the ice roads to bring a message of hope to youth living in remote Indigenous communities.

Through your gift, you can join us. Here’s how it works:


We spend two full days in each community and the cost to reach each student is $40. Bringing hope to youth in remote areas is not easy, but it’s worth it. 

Front Row Seat

Your generosity saves you a front-row seat to all that is happening on tour—so welcome to the team! Up next is tour prep so make sure to check your email.

Weekly Updates

You’ll hear about our presentation theme, be introduced to the team and, once tour begins, we’ll send you weekly updates so you can see where your gift is accomplishing.

Positive Difference

The support you provide gives youth hope. We’ll be feeling the love and will make sure to pass it along to each and every student we encounter.

Donate and join us

You’ll see what your gift is accomplishing through weekly updates.

Here are a few stories that came out of last year’s tour.

A 13-year-old girl in a community had attempted to end her life two months before we arrived. Through one of our sharing circle sessions, she opened up about her struggles. She believed suicide was a better alternative than the weight of holding on to everything that was going on in her life. We were able to connect her with a guidance counsellor at her school. They later informed us that she is continuing to seek help and take steps towards healing and moving forward with her life.

As our team was leaving a remote Northern community, a student, Holly, in grade 9 walked up to the van and said, 'I feel 10 times stronger because you came here'. Following this, her friend, Michelle, also came up with tears in her eyes and whispered, 'You saved my life'.

I have stopped self-harming now and thank you for reminding me that I have a purpose to live. After my brother, sister, and cousin passed away, I lost it. They were the ones who cared about me the most. I used to call and text them every day but after they passed, I had no one to talk to anymore. But I thank you guys for helping me get through all of it. I love and miss you guys so much. Thank you so much!

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*The Ice Road Tour in Northern Manitoba is supported by Live Different’s Canadian Youth Fund, which is made possible by generous partners and donors. On average, it costs $40 to reach each student during this tour and your generous gift to the Canadian Youth Fund will be used to bring hope and inspiration to some of Canada’s most at-risk youth.