Welcome to Live Different!


We are about seeing change. We are about building hope. We are about embracing a lifestyle of caring for people, not “stuff”. We believe that together, we really can make a difference!

We all know that apathy doesn’t accomplish anything. We all agree that injustice is not acceptable. We all want to do something to stop the cycle of selfishness in our lives and in our world. It is possible – but we need to know where to start. So that is why we are challenging the status quo and calling the world in which we live to stand up and Live Different.

It’s about the choices we make everyday:


To pour into at least one social issue or cause that we are passionate about.

To daily seek out opportunities to show kindness toward others.

To live simply, because our choices impact our global community.



Live Different was established as a Canadian charity in 2000, and began to operate internationally in 2005. From the very beginning we have been passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people we encounter through our youth empowerment presentations, our humanitarian build programs, and our leadership development opportunities. Over the past 16 years we have had the opportunity to speak to over 1.2 million students, to build over 400 homes, schools, and other projects, and to mentor over 4,500 students, interns, and volunteers.

We have grown over the years, but one thing will never change: our commitment to inspiring those around us to embrace hope and change, starting with their own lives.

Live Different’s Motivational Presentations have emerged as the most popular school assembly in Canada’s public, Catholic, and independent middle and secondary schools. Going beyond motivation, Live Different offers a live, concert-style, school-wide motivational assembly, follow-up resources, keynote speakers, as well as youth programs and resources that inspire students to take immediate action to make a positive difference in their world. Live Different has taken significant measures to ensure all students can be reached with this exciting program by switching to a donation-based pricing model, which gives as many schools as possible access to this opportunity. This program also includes our Road Team Internships, which are exciting, interactive opportunities to gain experience working with a non-profit, and to make a difference in the lives of young people all across Canada.

See what our Motivational Presentations look like. 

Live Different Builds give volunteers from across Canada the opportunity to make a difference in the developing world as we build houses, schools, and complete other much needed projects. We partner with local organizations on the ground in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Thailand, where we work with community leaders to help us ensure that our programs are effective and sustainable in our host communities. This program allows our volunteers to see first-hand how two-thirds of the world lives, expands their worldview, and gives them the opportunity to consider how they can build hope and make change in their own lives.

Learn more about the development model behind our Live Different Builds. 

Live Different Academy is a four month leadership development program that provides students an opportunity to go to the next level of personal development through their active participation in Live Different’s mandate of empowering youth and pursuing social justice. Live Different Academy students spend their time in Mexico completing a course on international social justice, learning Spanish, and assisting in the local community. The advantage of this ‘school’ is the practical, cross-cultural nature of the experience, resulting in graduates who are changed for good as a result of this intensive and rewarding adventure.

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