Get on the Bus

When you have supportive friends who want to help make trips to Mexico more accessible for larger groups by hooking you up with a sweet charter bus… being floored with gratitude is probably a normal…
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Julia and Diana Owned the Worksite

Julia owned it on the worksite, and now Diana's family owns a home. Being a mother in unsafe living conditions is hard. As a mother of two children, one of Diana’s biggest fears was looking up…
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BuildsDominican Republic

Hope is Spreading Through the Island, in Memory of Eileen Jackson

In March of 2018, two families received safe, dry homes in the Dominican Republic and over 300 children were able to enjoy nutritious meals at our school in Haiti. It was all thanks to our…
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Academy Updates

A Lesson in Empathy

Empathy is feeling with people and making a connection with them. It’s a vulnerable choice you have to make and our entire ‘Week in the Life’ experience was a lesson in empathy. The lesson began…
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Academy Updates

Building a Future

After our build prep week we were filled with excitement and joy to continue with the process of building Eleidy, Guillermo and their two kids, Elizabeth and Guillermo, a home. This week wasn’t just about…
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Academy Updates

Building Together

The prep week was filled with hard work in preparation for our build-week. We helped to pour the cement pad and we also built the walls of the house up to the windows. It was a…
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Community Development FundDominican Republic

Cleaning supplies for Nuevo Renacer – Nov 9th 2016

The Dominican Republic is currently facing one of the harshest and rainy "wet" seasons in the last 5-7 years. Waterways are overflowing and some homes have even been swept into close by rivers. Although our…
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Academy Updates

Mi Casa es Su Casa

This week began with meeting our host families. I think it's safe to say that we were all a little bit nervous and a little bit excited at the same time. The nervousness stemmed from…
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