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LiveDifferent school tours

LiveDifferent Circles helps young people explore important values, build stronger relationships and activate them in kindness—leaving your youth more compassionate, resilient and hopeful.

We aim to design a visit to your school (one day or longer) that empowers your students and helps you achieve your goals for your school. Through assemblies, culture-shifting workshops and leadership training, we want to leave a lasting impact on your students.

Hosting an upcoming Circles session? We’ve put together everything you need to run a successful Circles program from start to finish. Download these resources to get started.

Circles leave a lasting impact on adults, too. As a youth-focused charity, it will come as no surprise that we built Circles for students first. However, we’ve been engaging adult groups and school faculties across Canada with great results, and we’d like to extend this opportunity to you and your staff!

Circles for professional development days

Give your staff a meaningful professional development experience.

Reach out

Spark conversations, strengthen relationships, and engage in meaningful discussions about the power of trust, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Don’t underestimate how meaningful this experience is for adults!
- Social Worker, Williams Lake BC

Service learning for students

Are you interested in learning more about LiveDifferent's Builds and Academy programs for your students? See how Service Learning changes lives.

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