Travel and insurance information

  • All volunteers must have a passport issued by their country of citizenship which is valid for at least 6 weeks after the conclusion of the LiveDifferent Build. Your passport number and expiry date must be forwarded to LiveDifferent before the start of the LiveDifferent Build.
  • Volunteers are required to have emergency medical travel insurance, and submit their policy information to us before the LiveDifferent Build. Volunteers are advised to check the insurance policy to ensure coverage of emergency transport evacuation to their home country. Note: LiveDifferent does not provide emergency medical travel insurance for any of our Builds.
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own insurance for loss of property and general trip cancellation insurance for any travel costs you pay for personally (eg. personal travel/flights to trip starting point).
  • Volunteers are advised to obtain the maximum amount of medical, personal and travel insurance possible.
  • If the volunteer loses his/her ticket or passport while travelling to or from the LiveDifferent Build destination, or is not admitted to another country for any reason, they will be responsible for all costs incurred as a result of such loss, which could include, without limitation, ticket or passport re‑issuing expenses, new airline ticket expenses, accommodation and meal expenses as well as the same expenses for a LiveDifferent staff if one is required to stay back with the volunteer.
  • In an emergency situation or if a volunteer needs to return home early for any reason whatsoever, the volunteer and his/her parents/ legal guardians agree to pay all expenses associated with the return of the volunteer including, without limitation, reasonable LiveDifferent staff expenses, and on the ground logistical expenses. LiveDifferent retains the right to invoice the volunteer and/or his/her parents/legal guardians for any costs incurred as a result and such amount would not be eligible as a tax‑receiptable donation.

Contact Information

LiveDifferent is a Registered and Incorporated Canadian Charity.

Phone: (866) 432 4464
Fax: (905) 777 8117

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