Experience the power of true team building alongside deserving families in our partner countries. A team Build with LiveDifferent goes beyond corporate social responsibility—it extends to integrated external employee engagement. Together, you’ll strengthen relationships, travel internationally, and step outside of your comfort zone as you help with the construction of much-needed projects in a positive, safe environment. There's no previous skill required so employees of all ages and abilities and welcome!


Private Builds

Build a home with a deserving family in our partner countries while continuing to build your business ethos.

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On your private Build, lives will be changed and your relationships with colleagues and peers will be strengthened.

Boston Pizza in the Dominican Republic
WestJet in the Dominican Republic

Circles program for your team

Our Circles Program leaves a lasting impact on employees too.

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As a youth-focused charity, it will come as no surprise that we built Circles for students first. However, we’ve been engaging adult groups and school faculties across Canada with great results, and we’d like to extend this opportunity to you and your staff! Spark conversations, strengthen relationships, and engage in meaningful discussions about the power of trust, vulnerability, and authenticity.


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Meet Tyler

If you have any questions, reach out at any time. He’d be thrilled to speak with you about our program and how we can work together to make a lasting impact on your employees.