Our private Builds offer an experience like no other When you work with us to organize a Build, you are making a decision to improve the lives of everyone involved. Together, you’ll strengthen relationships, travel internationally, and step outside of your comfort zone as you help with the construction of much-needed projects in a positive, safe environment.


Private Builds

WestJet Build, 2022

Get ready to team up in our partner communities for the experience of a lifetime.

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On your private Build, lives will be changed and your relationships with family, colleagues, students, and peers will be strengthened.

Seycove Secondary School in the Dominican Republic
Parksville Rotary Club in Mexico
Boston Pizza in the Dominican Republic
WestJet in the Dominican Republic

Here are a few of our work friends:

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Here are some groups we’ve worked with:


Taking students out of the classroom and into the world is one of our favourite things to do. Over the years, we’ve connected schools with meaningful projects and watched their students thrive.


We've partnered with a variety of businesses and organizations, including WestJet and the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects. We love having the opportunity to provide your employees with a life-changing experience and the chance to come together and make a lasting difference.

Faith groups

A Group Build is a wonderful opportunity to come together with your spiritual community, as you put your beliefs into action. We can make space for prayer and reflection time in your daily schedule and are also happy to arrange for your group to attend a service or meet with local faith leaders in your chosen Build country.

Family & friends

Want to make a difference with your closest family and friends? Consider participating in an annual Group Build or join us for a one-time event. We’d love to welcome your friends and family into our LiveDifferent community, as we participate in a rewarding and meaningful experience together

Clubs & teams

You already know how it feels to work together and achieve great things; now go deeper and experience service-learning as a group. Relationships strengthen as you step out of your comfort zone and take part in shared experiences.

Boston Pizza
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Seycove Secondary School
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If you are interested in joining a LiveDifferent Build, reach out today and Tyler will be happy to walk you through the registration process. Or, if you are looking to plan and organize your very own private Builds trip, Tyler will get you started with everything you need to put together your very own unique Build experience.