Host our road team
in your home!

LiveDifferent provides mental wellness programming to schools all across Canada. It's one more way we try to empower young people with a sense of value, purpose, and responsibility. Each year, our two teams of passionate young people tour full-time from coast to coast; their presentations include a mix of personal stories, videos, crowd interactions, Circles sessions and more.

The importance of billets From September to May, we manage to visit nearly 300 schools and reach up to 100,000 students. For this program to operate successfully, we rely heavily on the generosity of others to help our teams find places to stay for an evening (or more). As a charity, it's just not possible for us to book hotel rooms everywhere we go, so most of the time we gratefully stay in people's homes, churches, schools, etc.

How the billeting process works


Whether you want to see us once a year or you'd rather invite us over more often, we guarantee you'll have a fun time hosting our road teams.

Length of stay

We don't want to overstay our welcome! Our teams will stay in a billet's home a maximum of 3 nights.

Number of team members

Our teams usually consist of 4-5 young people inspired to make a difference, including a LiveDifferent staff member and a few volunteers. They are all extremely grateful to folks who choose to open up their homes while they’re on the road.


We travel from coast to coast, so chances are we will land in your town or city at some point!

Your impact

As a billet, you allow LiveDifferent to save over $200,000 a year by not staying in hotels and around $110,000 a year in food cost. All of these savings go towards our youth programs!


Score some tax benefits for your generosity! You’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for each night you host our teams, and if you provide them with meals, we’ll include that too.

Become a billet and help support LiveDifferent's programming for youth across Canada