We empower the world to care about people

Our Story

While we have grown over the years, our commitment to empowering others to live a lifestyle of compassion remains the same.

LiveDifferent was established as a Canadian charity in 2000, and began to operate internationally in 2005.

Life is about people

LiveDifferent exists to empower and engage youth in a lifestyle of compassion and kindness. Through our programs, we aim to build resilience, foster relationships and encourage action!

It all began with a few people choosing to spread the message of hope, purpose and kindness—so when we say your life can make a difference, we truly believe it. For over 20 years, we have spoken to over 1.8 million students; built over 625 homes, schools, and other infrastructure; and mentored over 4,000 youth.

Our school tours, online assemblies and peer mentorship curriculum activate youth in kindness.
On a Build, lives and communities are changed forever.
During the Academy semester, youth discover themselves while serving others.
LoveLegacy funds our Compassion Projects that help lift up children in Haiti towards brighter futures.

It’s about the choices we make every day To pour into at least one social issue or cause that we are passionate about. To seek out opportunities each day to show kindness toward others. To live simply, because our choices impact our global community.

Living different means caring for others. It is a lifestyle that we live every day.

We strive to empower people to take small actions that will have a lifelong impact. By choosing to LiveDifferent, you can change so many lives, including your own. And we challenge you to give it a try!

Impact by the numbers

Behind all of these numbers are stories of lives being changed.

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