Two beautiful countries. One incredible opportunity to find yourself.

Academy is a cross-cultural, immersive-learning, gap-semester experience unlike anything else. You’ll spend a cumulative 13 weeks between beautiful Baja, Mexico and the north shore of the Dominican Republic learning about others and yourself. You’ll experience local cultures, practice some new language skills, and become more aware of how people around the world live.

The Experience

Join us in Sept. 2024 for a three-month, cross-cultural experience in Mexico and the Dominican Republic!

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Surrounded by like-minded people, you’ll be challenged and supported as you grow and take part in new experiences while caring for others. During this time, you will explore the world and just how big of a difference you can make within it.

What to expect

Join us in Sept. 2024 for a three-month, cross-cultural experience in Mexico and the Dominican Republic!

Volunteer on local projects

You’ll spend time volunteering on various local projects and learn about the work of other organizations serving local communities.

Study Spanish

Being fully immersed in the culture, you’ll not only study Spanish but live it as you spend time with a local host family once a week.

Explore your surroundings

As you travel through two beautiful countries, you’ll explore dormant volcanoes, beaches, local cultural attractions, historical sites and more.

Build projects

You’ll complete a building project alongside community members—but don’t worry! No previous building experience is necessary.

Week In The Life

Spend the week alongside community members and experience what a work week is like for many in the area: basic shelter, working in the area and providing for yourself with the typical wages a local labourer would earn.

Classroom learning

You’ll learn about social justice issues and work on developing yourself through a mixture of class time, experiences and mentoring.

Academy tuition includes in-country accommodations, food, visas and flights (thanks to WestJet)

Tuition costs

This portion covers everything that benefits you directly, like the curriculum, food and accommodations.


Charitable fundraising goal

This part is used to help others and goes towards project costs. As a result, we’re able to issue tax receipts for funds raised. Donations are not refundable.


Total tuition


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I am beyond thankful for my experience down in Mexico, and I can honestly say it has made me a better person.

Lauren, former Academy student


Week 1/13

Week 2/13

Weeks 3-4/13

Week 5/13

Weeks 6-8/13

Weeks 9-11/13

Week 12-13/13

Welcome to Baja

You’ll begin your Academy experience by flying to San Diego, CA, where you’ll be picked up by staff, meet other Academy students, and stay overnight. You’ll then drive to Vicente Guerrero, Baja California, Mexico, where you’ll participate in orientation.

Become part of the community

During the second week, you’ll start taking Spanish classes and will meet the host families who will become an important part of your Academy experience.

Volunteering and coursework

Now that you've settled in, it’s time to get at it! Over the next few weeks, you’ll volunteer with local organizations, learn about sustainable development, continue working on your Spanish, take part in cooking classes, and spend evenings with your host family.

‘Week in the life’ experience

It is time for your ‘Week in the Life’ experience, where you’ll get to experience the day-to-day life of a local who works in the fields to support their family.

Volunteering and coursework

You'll continue volunteering, visiting with your host families, and taking part in your coursework before leaving Mexico to head to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Volunteering and coursework

In the Dominican Republic, you'll be introduced to the communities we partner with while continuing to learn and grow.

Volunteering, Debrief and Travel Home

Spending your final week in the Dominican Republic where you will wrap up your courses, have the chance to reflect and celebrate the experiences you’ve had during the Academy, and prepare to transition home.

A peek at the 2024 Schedule Sept. 8th – Fly to San Diego, CA
Sept. 10th – Drive to Guest House in Vicente Guerrero, Baja California, Mexico
Week 1-2 (Mexico) – Orientation, Spanish classes and meet host families
Weeks 3-5 (Mexico) – Volunteering and coursework
Week 6-7 (Mexico) – Build Project and a Week-in-the-Life experience
Week 8 (Mexico) – Volunteering, coursework and travel to Puerto Plata, DR
Week 9-12 (DR) – Volunteering and coursework
Week 13 (DR) - Wrap up and graduation
Dec. 5th – Fly home from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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