Refund policy

(for those that arrange a direct payment option)

  • This Refund Policy does NOT apply to any donated monies. Donations are 100% non-refundable, whether directly to LiveDifferent or via a 3rd party charity (eg. GoFundMe, Benevity or Facebook fundraising). It is not legal to refund donations.
    This Refund Policy only applies to those who have contacted us to arrange direct payment or have used the direct payment form.
    Up to 80% of LiveDifferent Build payments (not donations) may be refunded up to the refund deadline which is six (6) weeks prior to the Build start date.
  • Once the refund deadline has passed and it is within 6 weeks of the Build start date, no refunds will be given except for extreme circumstances such as death or severe illness/injury resulting in the individual being unable to participate. In such cases, up to 80% of LiveDifferent Build payments (not donations) may be refunded at LiveDifferent’s discretion. Requests for refund after the refund deadline must be made to LiveDifferent in writing and include any relevant information that would be helpful to understand the nature of the situation.
  • In the event of failing to meet registration requirements (e.g. not obtaining a valid passport, not meeting minimum fundraising goals, etc), LiveDifferent reserves the right to cancel participation with no refund of payment.
  • LiveDifferent also reserves the right, at its discretion, to cancel any LiveDifferent Build at any time because of instability, travel restrictions, illness and epidemics, risk of harm to volunteers or LiveDifferent staff or other factors in the countries in which volunteers are travelling or transiting through, or otherwise. In such cases, LiveDifferent reserves the right to cancel the LiveDifferent Builds with no refund of payment.
    At the discretion of LiveDifferent, requests for payments to be reapplied towards a future LiveDifferent Build (within a year of the original Build opportunity). Requests to transfer payments to another volunteer currently registered for a LiveDifferent Build will be considered.

Contact Information

LiveDifferent is a Registered and Incorporated Canadian Charity.

Phone: (866) 432 4464
Fax: (905) 777 8117

Have any more questions? Give us a shout, we’re happy to help!