This campaign is in honour of Benjamin Cole Brown and his commitment to the country of Haiti.  The last message he posted on social media was this picture with the simple caption “#love”, a beautiful snapshot of how Benjamin viewed the world. Join us on a journey as we carry on the impact of Benjamin Cole’s #lovelegacy.

One of the projects Benjamin Cole was working on right before his passing was a sponsorship program for the 270 children at the school in Haiti. He believed that this was a sustainable way to ensure the continued success of the project and the future of the children he loved so much.

“I don’t think our generation has the luxury not to care.”

– Benjamin Cole Brown

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Here is how to join the #lovelegacy

Sign up to support the school in Haiti through a monthly sponsorship of $40.

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Share the picture or video at the bottom of the page using the hashtag #lovelegacy

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What your #lovelegacy sponsorship supports.

Food + Nutrition

Proper nutrition is fundamental to a child’s education.

Teacher Salaries

We pay the teachers and staff of the school a fair living wage.

School Supplies

Your donation will help provide school supplies for each student.

Clean Water

Access to clean, safe drinking water is essential to ensuring the ongoing health of each student.

In order to allocate as much of your donated dollars to the school as we can, and avoid putting extra strain on our teachers and school staff, we have chosen not to use the typical model in which you are paired with a specific child. Instead, we will send regular updates on the school and of individual children to all #LoveLegacy sponsors as a group.

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Benjamin Cole Brown’s work in Haiti.

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Our goal is to see all 270 children sponsored


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towards Cole’s #lovelegacy.

$22,823.00 donated to date

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