We are all about choice - the choice to live different.

We believe in the value of each of our lives, and that value is what makes our lives worth living.

We will not be persuaded by the lure of apathy or the haze of indifference.

We will not perpetuate the 'me-first' mentality that endangers our cultural identity. We will focus on continually living our lives in a way that reminds the world that there is more to live for.

We believe that a changed heart can truly change the world.

We believe that this change starts with each of us.

It starts now. Live Different.


It started as an ideal, but we knew it could become a reality. It is more than an experience or an organization, and it is bigger than what any of us realize.

Welcome to Live Different! We are about change. We are about hope. We are about the continual dream and reality of making a positive difference in the world around us. We believe that together, we really can make a difference!

We all know apathy sucks. We all agree that injustice is not acceptable. We all want to do something to stop the cycle of selfishness in our lives and in our world. It is possible - but we need to know where to start. So that is why, every day, we are challenging the status quo and calling the world in which we live to wake up and Live Different.

To Live Different means to choose to answer the call to social activism, each and every day - starting with ourselves.

Live Different (formerly known as Absolute Leadership Development) was established as a Canadian charity in 2000. From the very beginning we have been passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people we encounter through our high school presentations, our humanitarian outreach programs and our leadership development opportunities. We have grown over the years, but one thing will never change: our commitment to inspiring those around us to embrace hope and change, starting with their own lives.

We believe that each of us can be a part of that change, each and every day. All it takes is us just beginning to do it! From reaching out to someone in your life, to changing how you shop, to traveling around the world with our Hero Holiday volunteer programs, each of us can be a part of something incredible. Each of us can Live Different!

Program Overview

Live Different's Motivational Production

Live Different's Motivational Production has emerged as the most popular school assembly in Canada’s public, Catholic, and independent middle and secondary schools. Going beyond motivation, Live Different offers a live, concert-style, school-wide motivational assembly and supplementary workshops, programs and resources presenting a message that everyone has value and stirring students to take immediate action to make a positive difference in their world. Live Different has taken significant measures to ensure all students can be reached with this exciting program by switching to a fully sponsored, donation based pricing model which will give as many schools as possible access to this opportunity. Our presentations create the forum to invite students to volunteer in a Hero Holiday - student humanitarian relief trip, giving them a tangible hands-on opportunity to make the real difference in their lives by showing compassion and meeting the needs of others. This program also encompasses our Road Team Internships, which are exciting, hands-on opportunities to gain experience working with a non-profit, and to make a difference in the lives of young people all across Canada.

Hero Holiday

Hero Holiday is a program that provides youth an opportunity to change their lives by meeting the needs of others who live in poverty. Throughout the year, Live Different provides opportunities for high school students to volunteer in humanitarian relief projects by bringing practical assistance to those living in extreme poverty. Activities may include building homes, distributing supplies, providing food, mobile medical clinics and working with children at risk. This program allows them to see first-hand how two-thirds of the world lives, expands their world view and gives them an opportunity to become educators on world poverty by sharing their experiences.

Live Different Academy

Live Different Academy is a four month leadership development program that provides students an opportunity to go to the next level of personal development through their active participation in Live Different's mandate of empowering youth and pursuing social justice. Live Different Academy students spend their time in Mexico completing a course on international social justice and assisting in the local community. The advantage of this ‘school’ is the practical, cross-cultural nature of this experience. The lives of the Live Different Academy graduates are changed for good as a result of this intensive and rewarding adventure.