Which cause resonates most with you? LiveDifferent has identified critical fundraising needs within communities abroad, particularly in Haiti, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, and your help in fundraising for these causes can change lives. Claim your fundraiser and LiveDifferent's team will guide you in launching your personalized fundraising campaign. Let's make a difference together!


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Available fundraisers

Contribute to the Emergency Relief and Community Development Fund

This fund helps families and communities in Mexico and the Dominican Republic when they need it most; it allows us to further support these communities by responding to urgent or critical challenges, assisting with community projects and providing emergency relief in the face of natural disasters.
Fundraising goal: Minimum $300

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Provide a house for a family

This initiative aims to secure the materials needed to build a home in either Mexico or the Dominican Republic for families who don't have basic shelter. By claiming this fundraiser, you become a powerful catalyst for positive change. Your commitment and contributions will enable us to provide a family with the strong foundation they require for a brighter future. This fundraiser will also provide volunteer opportunities for youth to build the house.
Fundraising goal: $12,000

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Supply textbooks for the students at École L'Union

This fundraiser aims to equip students with the critical learning materials they need to thrive in school. Every dollar brings us closer to breaking down the barriers to education and opening up a world of opportunities for these eager learners. Be a part of their educational journey and help us turn the page towards a brighter future for Haiti's children.
Fundraising goal: $500

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Provide a scholarship for a student at École L'Union

This initiative will provide a scholarship to a Haitian student in grade 10, 11 or 12, providing access to quality education. These crucial years prepare students for higher education and future success. Your support can change the lives of these talented young individuals, empowering them to contribute to Haiti's growth and prosperity.
Fundraising goal: $5,000

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Support a teacher's salary for a year at École L'Union

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and by contributing to this cause, you can make a lasting impact. Just one year's worth of salary can empower a dedicated educator to provide quality education, transform young lives, and help build a brighter future for Haiti. Donations will directly support a teacher and uplift the entire Calvaire community.
Fundraising goal: $5,000

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Provide clean water for a year at at École L'Union

Access to clean water is a basic necessity that everyone deserves, but unfortunately, many of the people in Haiti are still deprived of it. This fundraiser will cover the cost of a year's worth of clean water at École L'Union, ensuring that the children and staff have safe water for drinking, cooking and handwashing, making preparing meals and staying hydrated so much easier.
Fundraising goal: $8,600

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Support the nutrition program for students at École L'Union

Since serving its first meal in 2017, the kitchen at École L'Union has become a beacon of hope, dishing out over 370,000 nutritious meals to date. This fundraiser will sustain and expand our nutrition program, ensuring that around 300 students receive a wholesome meal everyday. This initiative is about providing the fuel for learning and growth.
Fundraising goal: $15,000

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Provide cleaning supplies at École L'Union for one year

Help us keep the school in Haiti clean and safe for its students. A school this size costs a lot to keep sanitary! Your support will provide essential cleaning supplies for an entire year, ensuring a healthy environment for learning. Contributions to this fundraiser will resonate far beyond the classroom, shaping a brighter future for the children.
Fundraising goal: $4,000

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Support a girl living at the Freedom Village for one year

Make a life-changing difference in the life of a girl in Haiti. These brave young girls have experienced unimaginable hardships, including abuse and trafficking, and the Freedom Village is a haven and new home for them. With your support, we can provide them with a year's worth of essentials: food, clothing, education, medical care and emotional support.
Fundraising goal: $12,000

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Provide enhanced security for the girls at the Freedom Village

This fundraiser will allow us to build a protective brick wall at the Freedom Village, providing these young girls with even more enhanced safety and security. This vital project will also create employment opportunities for local construction workers, benefiting the entire community. A final project for the exterior of the building, this is an important initiative.
Fundraising goal: $4,500

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Fund interior additions for a girls' room at Freedom Village

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and empowering environment for young girls who have faced serious adversity in Haiti. The girls' dorms at the Freedom Village are nearly complete, but we need funds to add the finishing touches, including stairs, flooring and furniture. These additions will make them more comfortable as they're on their healing journey.
Fundraising goal: $15,000

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Purchase a reliable 4X4 SUV in Haiti

In the challenging terrain of Cap Haitien, providing essential support can be a daunting task with our existing truck. We urgently need your help to purchase a reliable 4x4 SUV; this vehicle will be used to transport food and supplies for the school and Freedom Village, drive children to medical appointments, and shuttle staff to and from work.
Fundraising goal: $60,000

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Years of operation in Haiti
Number of girls living at Freedom Village
Girls will be Supported when the Freedom Village is at Capacity
Total meals served at École L'Union
École L'Union students from grades K-9

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