In just six weeks, through collaborative learning, dynamic video content, and a guided compassion-focused project, Circles will help your students adopt key lifestyle values and impact your school in a meaningful way.

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Working with thousands of students each year, we have found that so much growth and impact comes from creating genuine relationships and meaningful discussion while sitting together in a circle.

Here’s how Circles work

Student leader training with one of our dedicated leadership coaches

Circle-based learning

Deep, meaningful discussions

Six weeks of conversation around key values and strengths

Compassion project to impact your community

Circles have been designed to work in every school context, regardless of any public health restrictions.

Whether you’ll need to run your Circle in person or remotely online, we’ll work with you to meet the goals you have for your students and help create lasting change in your school culture. If you’re curious what Circles could look like in your school or have any questions about the program, click on the button below and schedule a time to chat with one of our leadership coaches.

Our philosophy

Our approach toward positive youth development is not to just focus on the outward symptoms that students are facing. Instead of only talking about problems like drinking, drugs, bullying and mental health, we build authentic conversations around key values and strengths that create resilience and not only protect against these risks, but empower students to be agents of change in their school and community.

In partnership with:

Your students will learn, connect, and be empowered to take action.

It all starts with a conversation. Let’s chat.

Are you a teacher who would you like to bring Circles to your classroom? We’ve got lesson plans and everything you need.

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You can bring up to 1,000 of your students together for a virtual assembly.

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