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Own Your Story Keynote Trailer

Johnny Henderson

Director of School & Community Programs

Johnny has been a prominent figure in Canadian youth development for several years. With a remarkable track record of addressing over 200,000 students from coast to coast and delivering keynote speeches at significant youth events, including the Canadian Student Leadership Conference, Johnny has honed the art of engaging and captivating young audiences. 

Every time Johnny takes the stage, he infuses his talks with an unparalleled blend of passion, boundless energy and infectious humour. What sets him apart is his willingness to be open and relatable, as he shares his personal journey and vulnerabilities, resonating with the experiences of many students. 

Johnny’s desire to motivate and inspire young people stems from his own life struggles as he navigated the path to discovering his life’s purpose. His ultimate goal is to empower Canadian youth to unlock their full potential, just as he has, by helping them find their unique paths to fulfillment and purpose.

Keynote Programs:

Own Your Story

I have personally seen the incredible impact that Johnny has made in his communication. He has never failed to impress me, with his ability to connect with students as well as challenge them to think. His communications are always creative, engaging and full of humor. He is a pleasure to have and we look to book him every year as he connects so well with the audience. I would and have recommended Johnny to any organization that is looking for a passionate, talented and committed communicator for this next generation.

LiveDifferent’s message caused us all to reflect upon our own lives and inquire as to how we can all do something to ‘live different’ and help improve the lives of others. I can say with certainty that the presentation touched the lives of everyone present and that each one of us will undertake some action to change not only our own lives, but the lives of someone else. I also want to comment that Johnny Henderson’s performance was the funniest thing we have ever seen, he had both teachers and students bursting at the seams with laughter!

The LiveDifferent presentation was a powerful experience for both staff and students. The message of kindness was empowering and the connection that was made with the audience was phenomenal and students remained actively engaged throughout. I would like to thank Johnny and the crew for an inspired morning!

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