Mirlande Laguerre

Program Assistant, Haiti

As the Program Assistant in Haiti, Mirlande helps with the administration, logistics and supervising LiveDifferent’s projects: Freedom Village and École L’Union. She manages all incoming and outgoing administrative flows of the programs.

What do you love about what you do?
The connection that exists between the people I work with, and in the way we are collaborating to bring change to others. That really makes me feel valued and appreciated for all I do.

What would an ideal free day look like for you?
Most of my free time I always spend it with my family because it’s the time where we can talk and share together.

It’s karaoke night and you have no choice but to perform. What song would you choose and why?
The song I would choose is A Million Tongue by Sinach. Because every time I listen to that song, it reminds me I live by grace and I will never stop thanking God for that.