Paige Derksen

Board of Directors

Paige Derksen Rodrigues is a dedicated realtor residing and working in Winnipeg. With a heart for community involvement, Paige’s journey with LiveDifferent began around ten years ago when her aunt, uncle, and cousins, who were already engaged with the organization, shared their experiences of participating in various builds. Inspired by their stories, Paige and her immediate family started attending LiveDifferent galas and providing financial support from the inception of the event.

Driven by a personal desire to contribute on a deeper level, Paige took the initiative to involve her work team in supporting the Freedom Village. Every year, a portion of their commissions from each transaction goes towards ensuring the safety and well-being of a girl living in the village.

Given her profession as a realtor, Paige recognizes the importance of secure housing and finds it fulfilling to give back to the community in this manner. Looking ahead, Paige’s goals for the upcoming year include embarking on her first build experience, making it a cherished annual tradition with her family.

When not engrossed in her demanding schedule, Paige finds solace in traveling, spending quality time with loved ones, exploring Winnipeg’s diverse culinary scene, and unwinding at home alongside her husband and beloved rescue pup, Patrik.