Rose Friesen

Manager of Operations, Mexico

Rose has six years of management experience in the non-profit sector. After 12 years of living in Mexico, she brings a bilingual, cross-cultural perspective to her role of overseeing LiveDifferent’s programs in Mexico: Builds and Academy. Using her social work background, Rose leads the team in their work in the San Quintin valley and hosts teams from Canada. They select the families and projects that LiveDifferent will be partnering with, prepare the guesthouse, and facilitate the cross-cultural service learning trips. She also handles the administrative tasks of our non-profit operations for LiveDifferent’s Canadian and Mexican entities.

What do you love about what you do?
I love sharing what I have loved about living in Mexico with our guests. It’s inspiring to see how people who were strangers at the beginning of the week, from two different cultures, can work together to make a tangible difference in the quality of life of families. I have seen many young people’s lives impacted during their time here.
What would an ideal free day look like for you?
It would involve exploring and/or relaxing in the beautiful outdoors – the lake, the beach, the forest or a city park if I can’t get out of the city. It would also include some delicious food, a good book, and great friends.
If you had to choose one meal to have for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Grilled steak and veggies.